Animation. Always inspiring! 

   I can remember as a kid searching through TV Guide to see if Yellow Submarine would be  playing on TV.  This year marks its 50th Anniversary!   

I was a big fan of trippy animation then, and I still love it today. 

  Which brings me to Felix Colgrave.  I love this guy's work, strange at times (in a good way),  always so interesting and original..and funny too!   Cheers Felix !



Lamont Dozier 

50 years ago Holland–Dozier–Holland penned these incredible tunes.  Love is Here is one of my favorites from my favorite Motown group, The Supremes. 

This is an excellent ariticle and Mr. Dozier is still at it today.  And he's soooo right, the only way to not have the so-called writer's block is to just work through it:

Lamont Dozier: No such thing as writer's block.










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An insight into album artwork 

The album artwork from Prevailing Perception may look like computer graphics at first glance, or even painted, but it was all done via photography. The object consisted of a large glass vase filled with water with another smaller glass filled with colored water inside it. This was put over a reflective surface. It was done in the fall which put the sun at a low angle but... had the sun moving very quickly. After every few minutes of shooting I had to up and move everything. The different colors and designs you see were created from the varying angles that the light was coming through.