Lamont Dozier 

50 years ago Holland–Dozier–Holland penned these incredible tunes.  Love is Here is one of my favorites from my favorite Motown group, The Supremes. 

This is an excellent ariticle and Mr. Dozier is still at it today.  And he's soooo right, the only way to not have the so-called writer's block is to just work through it:

Lamont Dozier: No such thing as writer's block.










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Question Time 

We discuss the artist's view and some favorites from the perspective of Yuminale

Features / 10 days ago / by Marty Chapin


What was the first musical rememberance you can think of?  
I can remember hearing This Diamond Ring by Gary Lewis & The Playboys. I remember that harp sound, piano strings or whatever it was and that stiff drum roll on the toms. My mom said I used to run around singing  Downtown by Petula Clark, especially when the chorus kicked in. That was released the year before This Diamond Ring, so maybe that was the one.  


The first album I ever bought was…  
I think it was in 1973. I only had available what was in whatever department store I happened to be taken to.  Not sure if it was the first one but the one I remember is Sgt. Pepper, we had to stop at a friends place and I was so anxious to leave to get home to listen to the record.  I think then it was the Red album and the Blue one by the Beatles.  Department stores kind of limited what I was exposed to.  After that it was the Moody Blues and ELO albums, New World's Record and Out Of The Blue. I can remember going to the store the day Out Of The Blue was released. I must have seen it on TV, I recall seeing ELO advertising their albums on TV, like Face The Music.    

You know what?  I did in fact have albums before Sgt. Pepper. ...Alvin And The Chipmunks!  Along with other assorted kids albums.   

The album that reminds me of high school is…  
Back In Black by AC/DC and The Wall by Pink Floyd, and Van Halen's first.  The Wall being the only one I had among these three. I can still remember the day The Wall came out, my guitarist coming over and freaking out telling me that I had to hear Comfortably Numb,  especially the guitar solo "No, not this solo, this is the first, there's another one coming up...".    A  year before that was people flipping out over Eddie Van Halen's work on the first album.    


My favorite album of all time is…  
This is hard. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway by Genesis had me fascinated for the longest time, Then There Were Three by them is also a really good album.  Going For The One by Yes,  Laughing Stock by Talk Talk.  


Some albums no one would expect me of owning…  
Let's see, I have three by Jules Shear, and one of various artists singing Harry Nilsson songs. A bunch of Joni Mitchell albums also, and I was on a big Aimee Mann kick there for a bit so I have some of hers.  


My favorite album artwork of all time is…  
Relayer by Yes,  The inner sleeve of Close To The Edge by Yes,   Ágætis Byrjun by Sigur Rós , Brain Salad Surgery by ELP,   Octopus by Gentle Giant  (I have the green jar one, but the red one is incredible.) Currents by Tame Impala.

Oh that's right, you said album not albums ...  

Albums that define downtempo electronica like Yuminale would be…  
KIN by Sounds From The Ground,  Far Away Trains Passing By by Ulrich Schnauss,  In Sides by Orbital,  World Of Sleepers by Carbon Based Lifeforms.  


What are some of your favorite electronic bands and artists?  
Plaid, Ulrich Schnauss, Bluetech, Squarepusher, Ott, Boards of Canada, Tycho, Abakus, Orbital plus many more.  


What are some of your favorite electronic works?  
Welcome To Europe by Squarepusher is incredible, one of my favorites.    
Hawkmoth by Plaid,  Eple by Röyksopp, Owl Stretching Time by Ott.  
Albums, that's much more difficult.  Mir by Ott,  Immunity by Jon Hopkins. 

Which groups do you think Yuminale sounds like?    
This has been driving me crazy, everytime I make a comparison it's a rough comparison. One of my fans said Prevailing Perception sounds like Massive Attack, referencing one of their albums. I can see that but minus the vocals of course.  Another fan said M83, certain songs without vocals. I've heard some Cell that sounded similar to Yuminale.  I'm always asking my fans this same question!  


What equipment do you use to make Yuminale's sound?  
It varies and is always changing. I've gotten away from hardware synths for the most part.  I still have a couple but don't use them as much.  I play and record from the keys of course, but the actual sounds are not used as much as on the earlier records.  They seem to be limited much more than the softsynths. If I do use them, it's for the sounds to be used as elements for new sounds - sampling sources. I have a couple of rack units that I use from time to time, my German Vocoder,  Novation Supernova, Yamaha Motif, and one Dave Smith analog (the PolyEvolver). I do still own my basses, which I'd like to incorporate more and I have alot of new softsynths that I need to get into more.  


What's the most accurate comment/critique about Yuminale's music that resonates with you the most?  
 Someone wrote something to the effect of:  "A psychedelic listening experience without the drugs."  I thought it was funny and pretty accurate, I wish I could find where I saw it again and see the exact wording.  


It's been said that there is a signature Yuminale sound, as if there is a "glaze" over the music at times.  
Yes, I'm guilty of that.  And no, you're not imagining it, it was done intentionally.  Lost in the mystic haze, heads in the clouds if you will.    


Where do you see Yuminale's music going next?    
At the moment, I'm working on that exact mystery.  No concrete ideas have popped into my head so the best thing to do in this instance is to start messing around and see what comes up.  I'd like to start with something more rememberable, but that's not always as easy as it sounds.


An insight into album artwork 

The album artwork from Prevailing Perception may look like computer graphics at first glance, or even painted, but it was all done via photography. The object consisted of a large glass vase filled with water with another smaller glass filled with colored water inside it. This was put over a reflective surface. It was done in the fall which put the sun at a low angle but... had the sun moving very quickly. After every few minutes of shooting I had to up and move everything. The different colors and designs you see were created from the varying angles that the light was coming through.