Perfect Pitch

The first time I heard and saw Rick Beato was with his young son who was pulling out notes of complex chords that Rick was playing on the piano.   I see him more now reviewing bands and music and the first time I was thinking  "Oh I remember this guy from a few years ago - he's the one with that kid with perfect pitch."  You remember it because it is so incredible and something all musicians wish they had.    

Nearly forty years later I still remember that in all my musical travels, just Fran Zwolinksi, the keyboardist in the band I was in, and Gary Chapman, The Dean of The Conservatory I was attending were the only two people I ever met who had perfect pitch.  And this was among some incredibly talented and gifted musicians.  It was this God given blessing that we all would stand in awe of. 

Rick is great and the sessions with his son Dylan are fun to watch and fascinating.  

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Rick Beato Perfect Pitch

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