Perfect Pitch

The first time I heard and saw Rick Beato was with his young son who was pulling out notes of complex chords that Rick was playing on the piano.   I see him more now reviewing bands and music and the


New Release

Hi Everyone,

There's a new single out, currently available on GooglePlay:

Regions by Yuminale


Thank You for listening and supporting!!


Animation. Always inspiring!

   I can remember as a kid searching through TV Guide to see if Yellow Submarine would be  playing on TV.  This year marks its 50th Anniversary!   

I was a big fan of trippy animation then, and I still love…


Lamont Dozier

50 years ago Holland–Dozier–Holland penned these incredible tunes.  Love is Here is one of my favorites from my favorite Motown group, The Supremes. 

This is an excellent ariticle and Mr. Dozier is still at it today.  And he's soooo…


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